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Robert A. Boyd

About Robert

For over fifteen years Robert A. Boyd has been creating images of temples around the world in a unique fine-art style. A professional photographer since 1995, Robert once traveled the world photographing for clients, winning numerous awards, including the national 2004 PPA Photographer of the Year Award and 2005 Utah Best of State Award. One day his mother-in-law expressed her longing for some beautiful pictures of the temple. She suggested that in his travels he should use his talents to photograph the temples in an artistic style. As soon as he turned his viewfinder towards this objective, it seemed as if new, beautiful scenes were now there, ready for him, every time he went to photograph. Before long, he knew he could not do both, so he followed his heart, closing his commercial studio and focusing full time on the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The temple has long played a significant role in the life of Robert and his wife Eleah. The passing of their first child, and the subsequent adoption and sealing of 3 additional children, have driven home the importance of the temple to the Boyd family. The blessings we receive in the temple have been a great source of peace and joy to them, and that has served to endear a great love of the temple in their hearts.

Robert feels fortunate to continue to his full time labors visiting temples and capturing their beauty and light. He strives to illuminate his photographic art with peace, light and balance. A Utah native, he currently resides in Houston Texas with his wife and their five children, where they serve as an ordinance workers in the Houston Texas Temple. Robert and his wife Eleah are available for speaking engagements. Visit the contact page to request more information.